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It started with Istanbul and a cat. How did I end up in Manhattan?

Even though this is not my ransom demand, anything is better than to have to stay with that woman one more day!


Emma trudges sadly towards Hepburn's nephew Jamie: No, wait, I love you after all! Come back! There's a bad man waiting to shoot you in the tree! Vinaya: So, Jamie, you have finally realised that Emma is infinitely precious to you!

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How did this happen? What is it you love about her?

Her spirit? Her courage? Her cooking skills? Jamie scratches head in bewilderment : Well, she has these small breasts that feel so good against my hard back while I'm riding my horse. And I guess sex with her is better than with all the sheep she keeps accusing me of fucking. And, well, you know, there are her breasts.

And the sex. I am a mon , hear me ROAR! If you die, who will sleep with a hunka burnin' love like me? I love you after all, and to save you from bleeding to death from the bullet wound on your shoulder, I am going to toss you on my horse and ride for an entire day over the roughest terrain in Scotland to take you to my murderous grandfather! If you survive this ordeal, well, we can have more sex! I have no more capacity for love! Go back to your country, Emma, where you can be publicly vilified as a wanton and a fallen woman. This is every girl's dream, after all, and proof of my great love for you that I am not willing to acknowledge right now!

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Emma: Oh well, I'll just go back and marry that horny but rich old man then! But don't feel betrayed, Jamie, I still love you, it is just part of an elaborate plot to denounce him at the altar and get the redcoats to arrest him, although the same end could be achieved much less publicly and in a less vulgar manner by presenting the evidence to the redcoats in private. Jamie: Well then, let's have some sex!

Minister: drone about the Holy Bible Emma: Oh look at all the muscles on that man! I KNEW he'd be good in bed! Jamie ripping the book from the minister's hand : Dude, are we about done here, because I really need to go have some sex! Curtain falls View all 25 comments. Jan 11, Ronyell rated it it was amazing Shelves: ronyell-s-epinions-reviews , english-books , adult-book , teresa-medeiros , sexy-bad-boy-hero , sexy-good-girl-heroine , my-blog-reviews , historical-romance , british-hero-or-heroine , scottish-books.

I have been reading many books by popular romance novel author Teresa Medeiros, but I have never read a romance novel quite like this one! Emmaline Marlowe Emma for short was about to be married to the laird of the Hepburn cla I have been reading many books by popular romance novel author Teresa Medeiros, but I have never read a romance novel quite like this one!

Jamie claims that he is using Emma to get what was stolen from him from the Hepburn clan, but will Emma eventually cause Jamie to fall in love with her? Oh my goodness! There are so many awesome things to say about this book! I also loved the action scenes throughout this book as I was seriously holding on this book for dear life wondering if Jamie and Emma would ever escape from all the obstacles that they have to face throughout their journey.

Now let us discuss about the best part of this book, the characters! Emma always speaks her mind about the situation she is thrown into and I also loved her intelligence as she uses her wits to get her out of various situations and help out Jamie and his men. I will admit at first that I was a bit uncomfortable about Jamie kidnapping Emma for his own reasons, but after I saw how kind and brave and muscular he really is, I started to really love his character!

There are many sex scenes in this book, so anyone who does not like sex scenes might want to skip over the sex scenes in this book. Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog View all 21 comments. Jun 04, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it Shelves: highlander-books. Readthis review on Got Fiction? But you know, for being cliches, I've actually only ever read one story where the hero barged in on a wedding Karen Marie Moning's To Tame a Highland Warrior. So for me, this was all new. The beginning cracked me up because our heroine Emmaline is being married off to so Readthis review on Got Fiction?

The beginning cracked me up because our heroine Emmaline is being married off to some old goat pardon ahem, a randy old goat, to save her father from debtor's prison. What was so funny is that she's 22 and the audience is talking about how lucky she is to be marrying the old earl, and how old she is,and how she's very lucky the old earl has enough experience in bed ::snicker:: to satisfy her.

But alas, as they are saying their vows, several men burst in with guns, and the man on horseback, Jamie Sinclair, tells the old earl he's here for his bride. The majority of this story takes place while on the run, and Emma has known nothing but a kindly old man who wants an heir, whilst Jamie knows the true evil in the old goat's soul. I actually think it got a bit slow towards the middle, but once the two realized they were in love, and he was still going to ransom her off, it really picked up!

Since the earl had been suspected of killing Jamie's parents when he was a babe, Jamie wanted proof. It came from a very unlikely source, and it was so not what we were expecting!!! In a "wow," way, not in an "out of left field" kind of way. But the oh so predictable ending I'd predicted was I was totally surprised at what had happened and I was soo endeared to Ian, the old earl's great-nephew and Jamie's best friend when they were younger.

She changed just enough to stay true to her character. The ending was a bit of a muddle, thought IMHO. I think the ending with Jamie, Emma and Ian was brilliant, however, the old earl's comeuppance was a bit much.

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And too easy. Hence, the muddle. But I'd re-read this one, and definitely suggest to other fans in need of a good Highland romance. View all 24 comments.

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Shelves: historical-regency , , highlander. The back blurb for this book is somewhat misleading. While at the wedding service Jamie Sinclair from the hated Sinclair clan storms the abbey and kidnaps the bride. He keeps her in the highlands until his ransom is met.

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That was good and quite moving at times. The steam scenes are very well-done with just enough description to make you catch your breath a time or two and the build-up to them will also have you sighing. Jamie is a fabulous whisperer ; The epilogue was good in that it came full-circle and repeated the start to the book. Out of the two main characters I really liked Jamie. View all 19 comments. May 25, willaful marked it as dnf. Wasn't hating it, but wasn't seeing any compelling reason to keep reading it either. And the repetitiousness of the language was a bit much View all 10 comments.

Sep 22, Cheryl rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone!

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Shelves: books-i-own , teresa-medeiros , historical-romance. This was the first book that I have read by Teresa Medeiros and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained! What could be better than a story that takes place in the Highlands? How about a story where the hero, who happens to be a verra sexy Highlander, kidnaps the heroine of the story!!! I LOVE a romance with a kidnapping!

And this one was very well written with lots of witty dialogue and steamy lovin'! So if you've never read a Teresa Medeiros book, then grab this one up and read it! If you have read her This was the first book that I have read by Teresa Medeiros and I was thoroughly impressed and entertained! If you have read her books before then you know what she is capable of and can look forward to this one!!

Jamie Sinclair View all 15 comments.

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  • Jun 07, Desperado rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance , favorite-reads-of , 5-andstar-ratings , reviews , pick-for-me-reads. On her wedding day, she is kidnapped straight from the altar by Jamie Sinclair, heartbreaker and lawbreaker of the Highlands. My Thoughts: Originally I had issues with our heroine, Emma. Because of this, she did alot of TSTL-too stupid to live-things in the beginning of this novel.

    Emma was a very likeable heroine when the reader got to know her.