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Dynamic local curators at each location make authentic connection possible by providing conversation prompts, programming expertise and live language interpretation. Face-to-face conversations empower us to embrace our differences and see the best in each other. Those connections opened a window from the Square to sites around the world, creating encounters between New Yorkers and Afghanis, Swedes, Mexicans and more. Narrative 4 uses story exchange to build empathy, shatter stereotypes, and break down barriers between young people.

These Portals connect regularly with one another to expose students to young people from diverse backgrounds, and to help those students build confidence in their public speaking, communication ability, and in themselves. Students develop familiarity and understanding of communities from Erbil, Iraq to Kigali, Rwanda, and engage directly with people they would never otherwise encounter. After the earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico, in February , students at Marymount School worked with engineers and students in Mexico City to design earthquake resistant structures out of popsicle sticks.

Students were able to collaborate across distance and culture and see the real-world impact of their STEM classes.

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Students were able to collaborate, working together to solve open-ended challenges towards a common goal. Portals connected students from Harvard Divinity School to aid workers and residents of refugee and displaced communities around the world. Participants spoke about the role and impact of distance education and how new startups led by former refugees are being used to tackle problems created by new humanitarian crises.

Portals regularly connect students and dancers at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs to performers in Kigali, Rwanda to collaborate, and explore the intersection between dance, addiction, and mental health.

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Alongside performance, participants discussed their own experience with dance and mental health, and probed the concept of performance as a means of therapy. Portals were placed in cities with high rates of incarceration and police-community interaction. Connection topics ranged from discussions on migration with San Pedro Sula, Honduras to black speculative thought with Kigali, Rwanda.

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Portals provided a direct feedback mechanism for MPs who were able to speak with those on-the-ground to better understand the impact of the policy decisions and legislation currently under review. Working with Promalaga, the economic development arm of the City of Malaga, Portals showcased local artists and Spanish culture through virtual museum tours, film screenings, and history lessons for hundreds of participants around the world.

The exhibit connected the atrocities of the past and the refugee crises of the present, while humanizing complex geopolitical events that many attendees knew little about.


Our world is suffering from a growing number of crises: climate change, conflict, displacement, a lack of social cohesion, economic injustice, and other stressors which prevent individuals from adequately taking care of their own mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. The impact of mental health issues on families and communities is increasing. The Portal movie, book, and educational series, plus The Stillness Project, seek to provide solid tools to help people navigate the path from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to reaching their potential. The Portal can make meditation the new jogging.

It is a personal practice which unlike jogging also has powerful implications for altering individual perspectives that can impact the culture of a family, community, workplace or country.

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We can support our diverse screening partners with resources so they are able to implement meditation and mindfulness in their contexts. Let us know - Who are you? Your Name required.

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